Massage oil Pain Relief - Buy Body Massage Oil |

Massage oil Pain Relief - Buy Body Massage Oil |

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Aromatherapy creams - Buy Anti Aging







Skin color: an example of adaptation to the environment, don't use a cosmetic to change

The evolution of humans is written on our skin. Beyond an identity signature, human skin color represents an example on how our species has been capable to adapt to different environments. 

We are all aware of the damaging effects of the sun and know the importance of protecting our skin, the largest organ of the body, constituting 16% of the human body’s weight (Figure 1). Ultraviolet (UV) radiation that reaches the Earth surface and to which we are exposed is composed of a mixture of UVA, which can penetrate deeply into the dermis and is responsible for the skin ageing, by provoking oxidative damage to proteins, DNA and cell membranes, and UVB, which only reaches the epidermis (the outermost layer of the skin) as it is partially absorbed in the atmosphere. This type of radiation is the most damaging one, as it can produce DNA and cell damage, and is largely responsible for sunburns. Furthermore, the painful sunburns that can occur without an adequate protection are a determining fact…

Benefits of Drinking & SkinCare Use of Green Tea That You Must Know

Benefits of Drinking & SkinCare Use of Green Tea That You Must Know
·What is Green Tea? ·Different Types of Green Teas ·Nutritional Components Present in Green Tea ·Health Benefits of Green Tea ·How to Make Green Tea at Home ·What Are the Side Effects of Drinking Green Tea? ·FAQs ·Green Tea for SkinCare Products

If you are a tea lover, you should know where it originated. Tea was originally discovered in China, where the ancient Chinese first used it for medicinal purposes and slowly began to use it for recreational consumption. Green tea first appeared on the map around 5000 years ago and is one of the oldest types of Chinese tea, making it the oldest type of tea to grace the world’s tea culture. Today, the world is going back to these ancient roots, and green tea is gaining popularity because it has proven to have so many more benefits than any other types of teas. Green tea with matcha is currently being preferred by all, and the flavour has been added to the menus in many coffee and tea…