ecoplanet launches farm fresh aromatherapy cosmetics

ecoplanet announces to make and supply of Cosmetics infused with farm fresh organic essential oils without any chemicals.

No chemical and No disposable

We can make products 

Soak salt
Salt,  sugar scrubs , exfoliates
Pack and or wrap with bentonite
Aloe creams

Collect flowers or herbs from farm by night and make products by 8 am in vashi  factory.  Deliver anywhere in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai by 10 am

Deliver in recycling glass jars,  which we will collect back in next supply cycle.  1 to 5 kg size as decided will be ideal. Which normally every beauty professional would need.

Products could be seasonal such as champaka,  Jasmine,  gardenia,  tagar,  parijat, chapa,  mogra,  etc.  Herbs like mint,  lemongrass,  rosemary etc.  Fruits like banana,  mango,  papaya etc.

They will be without preservatives and chemicals with shelf life 3 to 5 days in normal freeze.

An innovative and  perfect concept for those who care for environment and own health.

For few who operate eco-sensitive salon and spa

Products will be available within Mumbai city and with prior agreement.

We believe business without assessment of environmental impact is digging grave pit for next generation.


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